Water Features Getting Started

Water Features are a great addition to any landscape. There are three main types of Water Features to choose from.

  1. “Pond–less Water Feature” – This is a newer concept for water features. The main idea behind it is that you see the water flowing, but never actually see a still body of water. This makes it appear that the water is disappearing into the ground. The feature is often a waterfall, but can also be a bubbling rock, etc. This option is often more affordable because you will not necessarily need a filter, as the still body of water is unseen. It is one of the most popular, easiest, and most affordable options for water features.
  2. Ponds can be the perfect addition to any landscape. However, they are often one of the hardest to maintain. For this reason, we highly recommend the use of a UV Filter. The filter will keep the water clear and free of Algae. Although the UV Filters are designed to control algae, it can only control the algae that goes through the filter, meaning the algae on the rock, and edges of the pond may require the use of pond cleaner to remove it.
  3. Water Falls & Streams can be used with either one of the first two options. Water Falls are the most popular of water features, as many people like the sound of moving water.

Things to consider:

  1. A safe, reliable power supply is required near the site of the feature is for the pump, filter and/or and other accessory requiring electricity.
  2. Keep in mind that you will have to remove the filter and/or the pump of your feature during winter months. We sell high quality “Frost–Free” pumps that can be left in the pond all winter, and will remain unharmed. Please notify us if you are interested in this option
  3. When inquiring about pricing, please inform us of any dimensions you have in mind, including depth, width, length, and most importantly the height of any waterfall, bubbling rock, etc.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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